Contest: You have how many photos?!

original photo by emdot

Update: Monday 5:15 pm. Contest is closed. Congrats to our winners: Derek, Christa, G, Doran and P.J.

I have so many photos on my computer, sorting them has become an insurmountable task. The thought of going through and deleting the duds is one thing, but naming the best ones and putting them into folders is going to take me forever. How did I let myself get this way? :)

I'm taking more photos than ever before, but I'm hardly printing out any. I don't have a printer at home, and I go to photo kiosks or photo finishing places only two or three times a year. Next week on Spark, we're going to look at some new nifty printing gadgets, and we'd like know if you're buried under a pile of digital photos too.

Tell us exactly how many photos are on your computer right now and we'll enter your name into our draw. Post your number in the comments section and we'll give away 5 Spark bags next Monday at 5pm.


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