Full Interview: Seth Godin on Tribes

Seth Godin 1413

According to Seth Godin, it's easier than ever to be a leader, thanks to the internet.

You used to have to have to have money or connections to be loud enough to be noticed. Now that's not true. If you have access to a public library with the internet, you have same platform as everyone else. That's really bad news for people who used to have power. Really bad news for people who relied on money to get the word out there. It's really great news for people who have something to say.

Seth is the author of several business and marketing books, most recently, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. With the Obama presidency set to begin, and as Parliament prepares to sit again, Nora interviewed Seth about Tribes and how leadership is changing in the internet age.

A shorter version of this interview will air on the January 21 & 24 episode of Spark, but you can download the MP3.

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