We heart Creative Commons

Original photo by BotheredByBees

Each week on Spark, Nora mentions that the show is made with Creative Commons music. But we've never really talked about what that means. So on the April 30th episode of Spark, Amber Mac will explain Creative Commons in a nutshell: what it is, why it matters, and how it affects you.

FYI, it's because of Creative Commons music that the version of Spark you can download as a podcast is exactly the same show that goes over the air. If we used commercial music in our show, that would be impossible.

Every week, we post links to the music and sound effects in the show notes. Like something you heard? Chances are, you can download a copy for free. Most of what you hear comes from these great online CC communities:

Do you use Creative Commons media? Have any good CC sites to share?


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