Soulja Boy: Marketing in the Viral Age

Every few years there's one of them: the chicken dance, the hustle, the macarena...those ear worm songs and accompanying dances that are so unbelievably hooky, you can't get them out of your head.

The folks at the Idolator music blog have an interesting mention about what the latest of these song/dance combos, "Crank Dat" by Soulja Boy, has to teach us about Web 2.0 marketing. From that post, I followed the trail to an interesting posting by Xiaochang Li over at the Convergence Culture blog.

Do you have thoughts on viral marketing and entertainment? Is it democratizing the "star-maker machinery" or dumbing it down? We'll talk about the Soulja Boy phenomenon on our November 7th/10th show. Let us know what you think!

There are a ton of different versions, remakes and re-interpretations of the song/dance out there. Here's the "official" version:

[edit] I should have added that if you want to follow the argument, there's a very interesting discussion at blackweb2.0, which includes more of the musical side of the phenom in particular, and the implications for musicians marketing their work.


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