Pedro's Hacks!


Spark's good pal Pedro Mendes is on the program this week with his homemade digital camera hacks. These are add-ons you can create with inexpensive items from home and the hardware store. Here are Pedro's own DIY instructions and example photos.

Hack #1: Make a Fisheye Lens (as seen here)
All you need for this effect is a $10 peephole for your front door, which you can get at any hardware store. I used a plastic pop bottle cap to attach it to my digital camera's lens. Make a hole in the bottle cap and then screw your peep hole in the hole. Place the bottle cap over your lens (on my camera, the cap fits perfectly over the end of the lens.) The trick to make it work is zooming way in and usually setting your camera to macro. Here's what the final product will look like. And Click here to see my pics.

Hack #2: Adding a pseudo pinhole lens to your digital camera:
If you have a regular point and shoot digital camera like me, this hack won't really turn your camera into a pinhole as it still has a lens*. But this does create an awesome diffusion effect that makes for really unpredictable results. I cut a small circle out of the bottom of a pop can to fit inside a pop bottle lid, which fits over my digital camera's lens. I then painted the inside of both with black paint to avoid any light leakage. The trick of this hack is to make a tiny pinhole in the tin can. Once this is over your camera lens, zoom way in and you'll probably have to use a nighttime, long exposure for the best effect. Here's what it should look like when you're finished. Or click here to see my pinhole pics. *if you have a digital SLR camera then you can create a real pinhole camera simply by making a tiny hole in your lens cover and using it instead of the camera's lens.

So there you have it, Pedro's hacks. The next step is to try these out and then add your photos to our flickr pool. Or post about your own household hacks. Maybe you've turned your paper shredder into a pasta maker? Or made springloaded chopsticks with a clothespin?

Post about your favorite hack (or about Pedro's hacks) and your comments could appear on the show.


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