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The World According to Charlie D

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Charlie D is the shadowy host of a late night radio talk show, who first appeared as a character in Gail Bowen's Joanne Kilbourne mysteries. Charlie D became a character in a series of CBC radio plays produced in Regina--that ultimately played all over the world. That lead to Charlie becoming the hero of his own series of mystery novels--the fourth, The Thirteenth Rose, is due out this March. And this week you get to hear how it all started.

The World According to Charlie D comes back to the Saskatchewan airwaves in this special celebratory broadcast.


Tell me Charlie D's full last name, (best guess spelling is okay) and enter to win a set of Gail Bowen's Charlie D mysteries!

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Not so bad bad boys

This week the X brings you the incendiary guitar work of Jordan Cook, to warm your cold winter evenings, plus a warning against Maccabee beer from playwright Kenneth T. Williams.

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Western Gals

Come to the X for another set from our "Girls are Back in Town" concert, recorded live at the CBC Galleria in Regina, with the frankly fabulous Juno-nominee Suzie Vinnick whose voice, unparalleled musicianship and sheer presence is the essence of "woman", plus a little primer on the dangers of small town gossip from Lloydminister's Dolores Ewen.  

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