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Folk Rock--Hard to Define, Must Listen

David j Taylor's Goodbye Hazel Cd launch concert is featured on the X today along with an interview and tunes from The Wooden Sky coming to the Artesian on 13th in Regina November 25 in a concert sponsored by CBC and the Regina Folk Festival.

The Wooden Sky is a indie spirited Canadian country-folk quintet with a textured and layered sound. We interviewed lead singer-songwriter Gavin Gardiner, whose warm, deep and comforting vocal sits astride each Wooden Sky song. The band can move from soft to rock with ease, folk and country are still the fundamental foundations of their sound.

(from CBC Music) "David j.Taylor  is one very busy guy. He wears many hats, including producer, recording engineer, composer, musician and foley artist. He's been a nominee for multiple Western Canadian Music Awards, Gemini Awards and, in February, an Oscar - Taylor recorded and edited the sound effects for Wild Life, a National Film Board production nominated for best animated short film.


Over the past two decades Taylor has worked on 90 releases for other artists. In May 2011 he co-wrote a new pep song "Ride On" for the ever popular Saskatchewan Roughriders, along with Moose Jaw singer-songwriter Megan Nash. To top that all off, Taylor runs a small hobby farm outside of Milestone, Sask. So why not take on another project and launch a brand new CD, Goodbye Hazel?

Goodbye Hazel was Taylor's first solo release in five years. He credits working with Saskatoon musicians Jay Semko and Kim Fontaine for getting him back into the studio. A couple years ago the trio of Semko, Fontaine and Taylor released a CD called Heartaches and Numbers. The experience of touring and playing whet Taylor's appetite to record more of his own songs.

"It just feels like the right time to get back out there," says Taylor.

CBC Music caught up with Taylor backstage, where he talked about how Goodbye Hazel came about.




(from CBC Radio 3) Goodbye Hazel is David's 15th album release as a solo artist and with various groups since the early 1990s and is David's first solo release since 2006's "Don't throw it Away" and 2005's "This Town". ...

Work began on the album in March 2011 as David brought in drummer Charles Dumont (Emm Gryner, Codie Prevost) to play the kit and brought out best friend and musical touring mate from the early 2000s Jasmine Whenham as production consultant. David recorded bed/basic tracks for 14 songs at Twisted Pair over a few day period and then, simply took all of the material back to his farm/studio and set out to record everything by himself, with occasional "hey, what do you think of this" mp3 laiden emails sent off to both Jasmine and his partner Russ for their input.

Taylor is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the grand piano, Rhodes organ, electric guitar and sings on this latest release. He's proud of how Goodbye Hazel turned out.

 "As I hold this master recording in my hands, I just can't wait for everyone out there to hear these songs and be like, 'that producer guy is a songwriter, too?" he says.