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Bingo House Rules

nobody.jpgCome to the X to learn prepare for National Aboriginal Day by learning the bingo basics from Dawn Dumont's very funny memoir, Nobody Cries at Bingo, plus by listening to the tunes of the Local Onlyz and Riva Farrell Racette.




















  Edmonton writer Dawn Dumont is a Plains Cree comedian and actress born and raised on the Okanese First Nation in Saskatchewan, and a friend of SoundXchange. She began her comedy career in Toronto on stages such as Yuk Yuk's and the Laugh Resort and has made people laugh at comedy clubs across North America, including New York's Comic Strip and the Improv.  In 2010, she became the co-host for APTN's highest rated show, Fish Out of Water. She was also featured in the 2010 CBC Comedy Special "Turtle Island Too," two episodes of CBC's The Debaters, and has performed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. She has written for television, radio, and the stage. Four of her plays: The Common Experience (2009), The Red Moon (Love Medicine) (2007), Visiting Elliot (2006), and The Trickster vs. Jesus Christ (2005) were produced by CBC Radio. She was a writer and story editor for APTN's animated comedy By The Rapid. Dawn is also a contributor to CBC Radio's Definitely Not the Opera and Revision Quest. In 2011, she published her first book - Nobody Cries at Bingo - with Thistledown Press (Saskatoon, SK.)

In Nobody Cries At Bingo,  Dawn  invites the reader to witness first hand Dumont family life on the Okanese First Nation. Beyond the sterotypes and clich├ęs of Rez dogs, drinking, and bingos, emerges the story of a girl, Dawn, who loved to read. Her hopes, dreams, and indomitable humour lay bare the beauty and love within her family and reveals the bond between her numerous family members, and ultimately her ancestors. As Dawn emerges from home life, through school life, and into a promising future, her story embraces cultural differences with the great traditional medicine of laughter.

the-local-onlyz-colour.jpgThe Local Onlyz are a 4-piece hip-hop group from Regina combining members of the nancy ray-guns with InfoRed (Brad Bellegarde) and hip-hop producer Merky Waters (Chris Merk). The group forges a fresh path for hip-hop with the song writing arrangements and powerhouse vocal hooks of Thomas Roussin (the nancy ray-guns), the hip-hop savvy of Merky Waters, and the rich, deep voice and thought-provoking lyrical passages of InfoRed to create tracks ripe for rippin! The group is dedicated to using original instrumentation as much as possible - creating sounds with guitar, mandolin, bass, Rhodes piano and live drums with the recent addition of Nathaniel Bowen (the nancy ray-guns). Their upcoming album, Kings Among Clowns (to be released Winter 2011) will surely leave its mark on the Canadian music scene with its array of addicting, triumphant anthems.


Riva Farrell-Racette is a singer/songwriter and bass player of Sylvie.

Riva is a singer-songwriter from the prairies and a member of the Timiskaming Algonquin First Nation. She has written, released, and toured three records across Canada and throughout the United States with the critically acclaimed band Sylvie. As a member of Sylvie, Riva has toured with such notable groups as Wintersleep, Said the Whale, Minus the Bear, and Death From Above 1979.

Since returning to school to obtain her degree in law, Riva has put aside amps and distortion pedals for more readily accessible creative outlets: the acoustic guitar and her computer. Her first steps as a solo artist began with a nationally broadcast performance of the Sylvie song "When We Were Young" at the Truth and Reconciliation Town Hall Meeting from the CBC studios in Regina. Since that time, Riva has started to build a solid repertoire of songs that incorporate wistful tones and melodies borrowed from the voice, cello, organ, and guitar. In February 2011, Riva performed "Firelight", a single off her upcoming record, at the CBC studios in Regina for "e-miywahkamikah: A Metis Celebration". Riva is currently finishing up material for her first solo record and will be a featured performer at the SaskMusic showcase for the Aboriginal Music Week 2011 in Winnipeg. 



Our Arts Spots artists are:


ShellbrookePhotos 048 1st better.jpgBetty Fiddler (Shell Lake, Sask.) Beadwork Artist

Betty is famous for her unique and exceptional beadwork. She has learned how to skillfully work with materials such as moose, elk and deer hides. She's also installed teepee villages.

ShellbrookePhotos 050 2nd arts spt art.jpg






Lucille Scott (Debden, Sask.) Feather Painter

Lucille is a self taught Metis artist who enjoys the challenge of painting feathers. Her amazing delicate work is a inspired by her aboriginal heritage are truly beautiful to behold.