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The Amazing Andy Shauf






This week on the X we have the exceptional Andy Shauf, the unassuming singer/songwriter whose talent demands attention, plus a charming short short story by Helen Mourre.


"My name is Andy
I live in Regina, Saskatchewan
I enjoy playing music
I hope you enjoy listening"

--Andy Shauf

Andy doesn't make a web writer's job easy. He doesn't brag. His on-line bio is out of date, though the part about being born in Estevan, and growing up all over the province is true... 

 His "public relations" is pretty much beautifully singing and playing his own haunting, complex songs, and telling his friends on Facebook that he's singing. When he remembers.

And it's not because he's new to this--or hasn't got the stuff to put himself out there. Even though he's in his mid-twenties, he's been recording for years, and his release "Darker Days" gets reviewed like this:

"Despite the varied nature of the album, the whole thing sounds cohesive and expertly orchestrated. It's an album for any occasion, whether it's a warm, spring day and I'm feeling jubilant, or a cold night, feeling the day's absence, Darker Days fits the mood. There hasn't been a moment yet that this album hasn't fit in one way or another. Through each listen, I'm enchanted again and again; there's not a moment of the album that deserves skipping, and as hyperbolic as my language may seem, I assure you it's not."



or this: 

""Parts of this release fit very nicely into the booming indie-folk genre. Songs like "Your Heart" and "The Greatest Moments" sound like they were laid down freshly in a studio, complete with radio friendly hooks, and carefree bounce. (Others channel) the sounds of Nick Drake, early Neil Young, and more recently Elliott Smith, and Iron and Wine, tracks like, "Gone", "The Darker Night", and the finale, "Give Me Words" are the ones that will softly burrow themselves in your ears.

Andy Shauf's Darker Days really seems like a prelude to something special."


which is pretty good for a guy still not twenty-five--whose only ambition seems to be to write and sing amazing songs, in an amazing fashion. Enjoy today's concert, recorded at the 2012 On a Cold Road at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, cause whether he will tell you or not--Andy is awesome.


So is Helen Mourre. The autor of "Small Gestures" , until recently, lived on a farm at Sovereign, but has recently relocated to Rosetown where she writes, entertains her grandchildren, gardens, coffees, and goes for long walks. She has written two books of short fiction, Landlocked and What's Come Over Her both published by Thistledown Press, which were finalists in the Saskatchewan Book Awards. She is a former member of the University of Saskatchewan Senate and has served on the boards of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and also the Sage Hill Board.


Here's a little more Andy, just cause it's good for you: