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Volcanoless on SoundXchange

cod group shot DSC0463 thumb.jpgToday we feature a concert with hot young Saskatoon band (and how many times have I used that phrase lately? What are they putting in the water in Saskatoon anyway?) Volcanoless in Canada, plus a short story from new writer Carla Richards--the Wrath of Spock!

VIC ext.jpgVolcanoless in Canada is one of Saskatchewan's most celebrated alt-rock bands. Their high-energy music incorporates a wide range of elements including pop, folk, punk, dance, and even new wave. The band features a self-described "triple-guitar assault" made unique by the fact they only play acoustic guitars. The driving rhythms and layered interweaving melodies created by this blend help create a signature sound you're unlikely to hear anywhere else.

Performing in front of a home town crowd at Louis' Pub on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, Volcanoless in Canada erupted onto the stage. They never let down the enthusiastic fans who sang along to almost every song.

It's not just Saskatchewan music lovers who have enjoyed the band's lively energy, though. Their touring history includes eastern Canada, the United States (including Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood) and the UK. They've showcased at: New York's CMJ Music Marathon, NXNE, CMW, NewMusicWest, JunoFest, and the Western Canadian Music Awards, among others.

And if you thought successful independently released albums were a thing of the past, think again. Volcanoless in Canada sold out their debut album (3500 copies), and were selling their last 60 copies of their current release at this show.

Hear the concert again, courtesy of CBC Radio 2's Concerts on Demand.


Watch them play at Louis's Pub in Saskatoon, on Youtube.




plus Carla Richards' short story about the highs and lu (Klingon for fall from status) of dating a Trekkie....read by Kate Tacik.