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Africa Sings! Special Broadcast

web Pam's Creche the girls interact thumb.jpgThis week on the X we have a very special hour called Africa Sings! This past summer the Saskatoon Children's Choir went on a concert tour to South Africa. A four person CBC/Radio-Canada team - that included our very own Shauna Powers and Chris Haynes - travelled with the choir for the duration of their tour. Join guest host Shauna Powers as she offers glimpses of this life-changing experience.

web Lesedi men crouched ext.jpg                                           Lesedi Men. All photos by Benoit Ferradini

 Our CBC crew documented this once-in-a-lifetime journey of young Canadians singers performing and touring South Africa. In this special documentary they'll share some of their stories with you. You'll hear teenagers raised in comfortable Canadian homes confront the reality of the Soweto township.

web Pam chat's with choir ext.jpg 









        Soweto Preschool Director Pam Mfaxa talks to the Choir

A tour highlight was a joint concert with the acclaimed Drakensberg Boys' Choir. While the girls enjoyed performing with these brilliant young men, they enjoyed socializing with them, too! In other moments these thoughtful young women learn of the country's history of apartheid as they meet South Africans from all walks of life. Join us on their transformative journey to the other side of the world.



web Pam's Creche - the young children perform ext.jpg










                  Children at Pam's Creche Pre-school in Soweto

Read extended blogs from the tour, and see the story through the extraordinary photographs of CBC's Benoit Ferradini, go to the  CBC Saskatchewan Sing Africa! site