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Violent Kin

kin.jpgMost siblings fight. But only a handful turn that tension in big, wildly energetic electro-rock. Violent Kin are S.J. and Maygen Kardash...and these days the only violence around them seems to be coming from their wildly approving fans...we spend a glittering rock hour in concert with Violent Kin...on SoundXchange.


















Violent Kin is a Saskatoon "family band" led by S.J. and Maygen Kardash. In 2006 they teamed up with another set of siblings to form The Blood Lines. When that band collapsed the Kardash siblings decided to set up their own project, and Violent Kin is the result. They released their debut album in 2009, they've recently released an EP called 'Velvet Hideout' and their upcoming full length release will happen in the spring of 2011.

After a summer residency in New York in 2009, Violent Kin took on an extensive North American tour. Chartattack gave their debut album 4.5 out of 5, and since then the band has received play everywhere from Germany to the Canary Islands.

Their sound has definitely evolved since their first album, which was aptly titled 'Bitter Blood'. Since then their sound has taken on many other influences. They include roaring guitar riffs, catchy synth lines and even some Genesis-like 1980s influences. They call their music "electro-rock".

Buckle up, folks, this is not an unplugged version of the X--these kids are techno-rock.

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