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The F Word

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 This week SoundXchange is brought to you by the letter F. It's not what you think! Well not exactly. We have a Fresh, heart-Felt, and inoFFensive poem from new to the X poet Karen Klassen, plus some Fab and Fun alt.country from Wyatt....Free Free to ...well stop in....

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From the head and the heart




This week in the X, we've got the smart and moving songs of Shuyler Jansen, and a witty little window into the limits of forgiveness from first time writer, Joanne Jackson.

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Out of the Dark

Ness Creek 2010 148 sm.jpgWe bring you back to the Ness Creek Music Festival this week on SoundXchange, this time with Saskatoon's The Deep Dark Woods. These raggedy boys fit right in to the Ness Creek vibe and you'll enjoy the tunes without the presence of mosquitos! Also we'll hear more Off the Map comedy from Jayden Pfeifer. In this Off the Map--Jayden finds that this essence of good health care is--simplicity.

Plus a hit from Carrie Catherine's new CD--Wilderness.

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