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On & Off the Map

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Take a trip around the world with Donne Roberts, a member of the African Guitar Summit and get Off the Map with writer Jayden Pfeifer's take on stay-at-home fatherhood.

jayden lrg.jpgJayden Pfeifer is a Regina-based actor, stand-up, improviser, and teacher. He has appeared in numerous performances on the Globe Theatre Mainstage, as well as several independent theatre productions.

Jayden's 14-year long improvisation career has been very successful. Since joining General Fools in 1997, he has committed himself to the performance and teaching of improvisation. Jayden has attended several international improv festivals, and has often served as guest director & instructor during those festivals.

In 2009, Jayden and his co-creator Ryan Beil premiered their new improvisation project Skin&Lungs at Globe Theatre, which enjoyed a sold-out run and garnered invitations to showcase around Canada.

Jayden is a Regional Director of the Canadian Improv Games, and the Artistic Director of the CIG Improv Camp. Jayden has studied with notable North American Improv instructors Keith Johnstone (Author of Impro), Randy Dixon (Seattle), Bob Dassie (LA), Mark Sutton (Chicago), David Razowsky (LA), and Tom Johnson (Portland). Jayden has received multiple nominations as Best Male Improviser for the Canadian Comedy Awards. In 2010, The Fools CBC radio comedy "First Generation Urban" was also nominated for a CCA.

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(Photo by Richard Vignola)




Donné Roberts is a passionate performer. When he hits the stage he carries with him an energy that immediately exhilarates the crowd - even if they've never heard his music before. Donné performs mainly in Malagasi, his mother tongue from his birthplace of Madagascar. Yet this never proves to be a barrier to the audience, providing living proof that music truly does transcend language.

A member of the Juno award winning collective the African Guitar Summit, Donné has made his home in Toronto for a little over a decade. Prior to that his journeys took him from Madagascar to Moscow with his diplomat parents. He remained there for 20 years before making his way to Canada by way of France. Donné is truly a man of the world - speaking Malagasi, French, Russian, and English.

This performance was definitely a highlight at this year's Ness Creek Music Festival. Along with his excellent bandmates Donné wowed the Saturday night crowd and got almost everyone up off their blankets and lawn chairs to dance under the beautiful northern skies. This special outdoor music festival takes place in Saskatchewan's northern boreal forest, and it's truly an 'immersion experience' for the several thousand people who make the pilgrimage to the site from their homes around the province. This year marks their 20th anniversary.

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