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Merry Christmas!

happy_holidays.jpgMerry Christmas, and joy of the holidays, from everyone at SoundXchange and our families, to all of you and your families.  We wish you safe, happy and peaceful for today, the rest of these holidays, and indeed for all the years to come.

SoundXchange is preempted for Christmas Day by network broadcasting.  Enjoy :)

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Noel Noël: The Spirit of Christmas

Claire Pelletier_DSC1622.jpg

Join the X  for a CBC Radio-Canada Christmas Concert:  Noel! Noël: The Spirit of the Season: wasthe the launch of the  2009 Comfort & Joy Campaign raising funds for the Food Banks of Saskatchewan,  featuring Quebec's award-winning songstress Claire Pelletier, and Saskatoon's singer-songwriter Paul Tobin, chanteuse Alexis Normand, and string king Karrnnel. 

The Food Banks of Saskatchewan: (from a CBC report from August 2009)

"The faces of food bank users now includes students and the working poor, according to those who run Saskatoon's food bank."

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The Donovan Show

CFS-CureCysticFibrosisMagnet 1.jpg

Over the years Saskatchewan poet Beth Gobeil has been documenting her life as the mother of a son with , ...last year things took a dramatic turn as her son Donovan was faced with what the family had always known was coming, a lung transplant (and donors are rare) or the loss of Donovan's life...

We spend the hour following that journey, through Beth Gobeil's poetry.

Donovan's life was saved because a young man in Alberta and his family consented to donate his organs. Healthy undamaged lung donations are very rare. The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is constantly trying to get more people to commit to the The Donor Program.

Here's a note from Donovan's mother, and our featured poet, Beth Gobeil, written in 2009:

"Just over a year ago, my husband & I found ourselves in the midst of a parent's nightmare...our 20-year old son was in dire need of new lungs, as years of fighting infection due to Cystic Fibrosis has scarred his own lungs so badly that they no longer functioned.  As he lay in the ICU breathing with the help of a ventilator, we knew his life was drawing to a close.  We grieved that we would not be able to witness him meet his life's goals, those things every young person dreams of: going to post-secondary school, starting a career, falling in love...he so deserved another chance at life. 

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