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Definitely Maybe Smith

Maybe-Smith.jpgThere is nothing "maybe" about how SoundXchange feels about Maybe Smith, the imaginative,  extremely indie self-made musical phenom who also answers to Colin Skrapek. We love him so much we're giving a full hour of the X to him live, at Louis's Pub in Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan likes to think of him as their very own indie indie superstar, but CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence is right when he refers to Maybe Smith as "Canada's best kept musical secret".

maybe smith SX.jpgSince 2002 Maybe Smith - otherwise known as Colin Skrapek- has been releasing at least one album a year from his home in Saskatoon .  His catchy and clever pop tunes reference subjects as varied as mythical gunswordaxes, Saskatoon's famous synchrotron particle accelerator, and even the feeling of the early spring slush between the toes of your barefeet.


Over the year Colin has collaborated with many Saskatoon musicians.  For this show he's joined by former Carbon Dating Service members Steve Reed and Zach Low; Joey Lorer of Old Joe and the Truth Hurts and Little Miss Higgins' band; and the Fjords' Jeff Pederson.


This concert was part of 'On a Cold Road', a showcase of some of Saskatoon's best and brightest bands.  This co-presentation between CBC Radio and SaskMusic took place at Louis' Pub on the University of Saskatchewan campus.


Hear the whole concert again courtesy of CBC R2's Concerts on Demand.