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The Creator...musical, poetical, and all holy

Peter Katz 2010 013 thumb.jpgThe X celebrates the Creator...with the music of the passionate and creative artist Peter Katz, and passionate and creative poetry about God as creator by Dave Margoshes....

Peter Katz (Chris Haynes photo)

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Peter Katz in concert with Alexis Normande (Chris Haynes photo)

Peter Katz is a solo performer with such a powerful stage presence you're instantly drawn into his music and his world.  Katz's songs express an incredible range of human emotions.  His tune inspired by Oliver Schroer's decision to play one final concert a month before dying from leukemia is a moving tribute to a man who lived his life doing what he loved most. When Katz imagines a harrowing night in the life of a young man in Wyoming who was beaten up, tied to a fence, and left to die because he was gay - you can't help but be touched. And how many sister's can say that their brother has written them a beautiful song for their wedding day created from words her and her husband-to-be have written about each other?  Peter Katz's sister can.  His compelling songs are interwoven by the sometimes touching, sometimes humorous stories he tells to introduce them.


Jason Gladu of Pop Journalism Magazine says "Katz resembles kindred spirit Ron Sexsmith and his subtle acoustic charm, while channeling Hawksley Workman's grief stricken vocals. Why is such a talented songwriter with such well-crafted pop songs still an independent artist?" After listening to this concert, you may very well ask yourself the same question.


This concert was presented by 'On the Boards' at the Refinery in Saskatoon, and it's part of Katz's tour in support of his brand new CD 'First of the Last To Know'.  The CD was released in Canada just 2 days before the performance in Saskatoon. 


Hear the whole concert, on CBC Radio 2's Concert on Demand.  



This year's City of Regina Writing Award winner, Dave Margoshes is a full-time writer who lives in Regina. He writes fiction, poetry and nonfiction, for adults and kids, and works occasionally as a freelance journalist, as a teacher of writing, and as an editor. He's won a number of awards, including the Stephen Leacock Prize for Poetry in 1996, and in 2009 was a finalist for the Journey Prize.


His collection of stories, Bix's Trumpet and Other Stories, was named Book of the Year at the 2007 Saskatchewan Book Awards, where it also won the Regina Book Award. The collection was also a finalist for the ReLit Award.

He's also published four other story collections: Fables of Creation, Long Distance Calls, Nine Lives, and Small Regrets; three novels: Drowning Man, I'm Frankie Sterne, and We Who Seek: A Love Story; a biography, Tommy Douglas: Building the New Society; and five volumes of poetry, Purity of Absence, Northwest Passage, Walking at Brighton, and The Horse Knows the Way, which came out in 2009, and Dimensions of an Orchard, from which today's poems come.

Some of his stories and poems spring from his days at an itinerant journalist. Margoshes worked for daily newspapers in eight cities, including San Francisco, New York, Calgary and Vancouver, covering everything from politics to murder to cat shows. He's also taught journalism.

He is also a professional curmedgeon...and tender-hearted as the day is long.