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These guys are so smart

shuyler thumb.jpgJoin the X this week to hang with two brilliant guys, singer-songwriter Shuyler Jansen (with the band Foam Lake) and poet Dan Tysdal. These are two smart, innovative artists, and they're all ours...at least on SoundXchang

jansen1.jpgSaskatoon-based artist Shuyler Jansen creates music that can be a throwback to an earlier era when songwriters were creating country-folk ballads, but he never lets go of his contemporary grip on both rock and pop.  It's that fusion of old and new, city and country that make Shuyler the unique artist he is today.  While Shuyler has always been associated with the roots-rock tradition, his newer work has evolved into more abstract territory.  Whatever style of music he's writing, Shuyler always pens clever, thoughtful and observant lyrics that are at once both personal and universal.

For a large portion of this concert Shuyler teams up with the Saskatoon rock band 'Foam Lake'.  The four brothers who make up Foam Lake have been playing together longer than they can remember, but they formed this band in 2008 after 'The Bloodlines' (which included brothers Paul and Barrett) disbanded. Their evocative and carefully thought-out arrangements beautifully support Shuyler's musical palette.

This concert took place at one of southern Saskatchewan's real gems - the Happy Nun Café in Forget (pop. 40). The couple that run the café have made it a concert destination for the whole region by serving up loads of warmth, energy, great music and delicious food.

Here the entire concert, courtesy of CBC R2's Concerts on Demand.




















Dan Tysdal is a Moose Jaw boy, currently slumming it in Toronto. Word on the street is, he make a mean Caramel Macchiato.