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Sheepdogs rock.

TheSheepdogs thumb.jpgThe X goes to the dogs. Oh heavens--I'm sorry--I really shouldn't have gone there--but we've got the shaggy folk-rock of Saskatoon's The Sheepdogs--and it was just sitting there waiting to be said....They're great...listen.















 The Sheepdogs

Dubbed "Saskatoon's Freedom Rockers" by CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence, The Sheepdogs unabashedly take inspiration from the southern rock of the 1970s. With their shaggy locks and scruffy beards these four guys create music that manages to be fresh and contemporary while remaining faithful to it's old style roots. And what better motto for a 70s inspired band than "Get It On!"? They most certainly do.

With Ewan Currie's powerful lead vocals, tight harmonies from the rest of the band, and great ensemble playing, it's not surprising The Sheepdogs were voted Saskatoon's favorite local band by readers of Planet S, the city's weekly arts and entertainment magazine. Their retro outfits - complete with leather vests and headbands - don't hurt either.

This concert was part of 'On a Cold Road', a showcase of some of Saskatoon's best and brightest bands. This co-presentation between CBC Radio and SaskMusic took place at Louis' Pub on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

Here the whole concert , courtesy of CBC R2's Concerts on Demand.

From CBC Radio 3:

"From the prairie city of Saskatoon come the Sheepdogs, 4 young gentlemen who revel in the joy of rock n roll so wholeheartedly, it's downright contagious. Sporting the long-haired looks of their musical forefathers, the lads make the most of their 2 guitars, bass and drums combo. Soulful vocalisations, everybody harmonizing, old-school guitar chops winding, riffing and chiming, all over a steadfast and groovy rythm section. Having already cemented their reputation as dynamic performers in their hometown, the Sheepdogs now turn their attention to spreading their die hard affection for rock n roll ...which mixes elements of southern rock and moody soul with gleeful straight-forward rockers."

And from Greg Reese, Arts Editor, University of Saskatchewan's The Sheaf:

"As major contributors to a classic rock revival, the Sheepdogs have been building up an impressive fan base...

The Sheepdogs aren't new to the Canadian indie circuit but the responses to their shows are getting better all the time. As hardworking musicians they are now seeing the fruits of their labor....."