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Grounded Men

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Photo courtesy of Stephen Davis, from Trevor Herriot's blogspot.

Come to the X for a concert with the grounded, oh so made in Saskatchewan Joel Fafard, and a reading from Trevor Herriot's latest award-winning paeon to our prairies, and the birds that call them home, Grass, Sky, Song read by his also made in Saskatchewan daughter, actor Kate Herriot.

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Joel Fafard, performing in Lumsden.


Joel Fafard is one of the most acclaimed guitar players to come out of Saskatchewan's musical community. He now lives on BC's Sunshine Coast, but he still calls Lumsden home. So did the audience who packed into the town's tiny St. Peter's Hall for Joel's homecoming concert.

There aren't many awards Joel Fafard hasn't either been nominated for or won, including a 2007 Juno nomination for best instrumental recording. He's also been nominated for 2 Canadian Folk Music Awards and three Western Canadian Music Awards, taking home that prize in 2006. Last year he was the runner up in the instrumental category at the 2009 International Acoustic Music Awards.

All these accolades aside, Joel Fafard is a consummate entertainer. Equally appealing to serious guitar enthusiasts and more generalized music lovers, Joel has created an on-stage persona that keeps you laughing through his entire set. He playfully pokes fun at everyone and everything - especially himself. His stories paint a vivid and hilarious picture of his life on the prairies and on the road. In this concert Joel performs a mixture of original instrumental tunes and traditional folk songs, with a sprinkling of acoustic blues thrown in for good measure.

Hear the concert again, courtesy of CBC Radio 2's Concerts on Demand.  














This stunning photo of a ruby-throated hummingbird, taken from Trevor Herriot's Grass Notes blog, is probably a better representation of Trevor than a head shot. The rest of the country knows Trevor as one of the most significant creative non-fiction writers in the country, an environmentalist, a natural history savant and multiple awards-winning author. CBC Saskatchewan fans know him as the bird guy.

Grass, Sky, Song: Promise and Peril in the World of Grassland Birds is an aching love song for the prairie birds that Herriot has spent his life learning to watch. Of the book Eric Boodman of the Montreal Gazette says that Trevor  "reveals the fragile beauty of both the ecosystem and the birds that inhabit it. "Before the northern prairie was yoked to agriculture," he writes, the ferruginous hawk would make its nest with bison bones stuck together with dung and lined with fur"  If that image doesn't make you want to keep reading, I don't know what will." and today's excerpt is read by his daughter,  the extremely talented Kate Herriot.