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Political Panel: September 2011 Archives

Political Panel: Pensions, Flu Shots and Spanking

Posted by Vanessa Vander Valk

The Finance Minister is ordering a review of public sector pension plans and proposing to stop giving high risk people flu shots for free. Lisa Keenan, Michael Camp and Luc Desjardins weigh in on that issue and a couple of others.

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Political Panel

Posted by Cindy Grant

It's the end of the first week in September and time to get back to talking politics here on Shift. Time to bring together three people who watch the political scene and hash over the week's issues with us every Friday. We last spoke with Michael Camp, Lisa Keenan and Luc Desjardins in late June. And while the summer did include the usual round of glad-handing at friendly community barbecues, in many areas of our province politicians are being confronted with constituents' growing opposition to shale gas development. Much of rural New Brunswick is sprouting No Shale Gas signs. And you can't talk about this summer in politics without acknowledging the emotional impact  the death of Jack Layton had on the country. Our political panel; Michael Camp, Lisa Keenan and Luc Desjardins. 

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