The Seven Wonders of the Yukon

The Arctic Carpet

Eva Mehne-Van Wart

The spectacular profusion of wild flower colours that covers the vast Canadian tundra each arctic Spring and Summer is unique in the world.  For a variety of ecological reasons there is no equivalent vast carpet in Alaska, Greenland, Siberia or Antarctica.

Kluane National Park

Martin Rumscheidt

Here, one sees North America's highest mountains, the purity of this continent's earth and sky, all of which UNESCO recognized when it made this park a world heritage site.

Snag Airport

Dwayne Backstrom

I nominate Snag Airport, built in 1942 as part of the Northwest Staging Route.  Snag is located at the end of a beautiful 17-mile winding road commencing at Mile 1188 of the Alaska Highway.  Nothing remains of the original airport but it is a beautiful secluded spot. Snag should be recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Canada because it was here on February 3, 1947, that North America's lowest recorded official temperature was recorded at 81.4 degrees F.

Peel River Watershed

Gary Mears

This is truly one of the natural wonders of the world.  It is an area the protection of which is fundamental to the very survival of planet earth.  It is of such beauty, eco diversity, and scope that it is really unparalleled in Canada, indeed perhaps in the world.  From free running rivers, mountain ranges, wetlands, original human inhabitants and great diversity of wildlife it is a true treasure.

Mount Logan

Currie Dixon

Canada's highest peak and the second highest in North America, Mount Logan typifies the beauty of the North and of Canada.

Tatshenshini River

Mike Curran

Immense beauty that cuts through multiple ecological zones, mountain ranges in a pristine setting. World heritage site that is simply too beautiful for words. Flourishing wildlife, and is part of the Largest protected land space in the world.

Old Crow

Old Crow is an isolated Kutchin (Loucheux) village, located north of the Arctic Circle.  It's people have been an extraordinarily self sufficient, highly ethical and moral group.  I don't know the current population but when I first went there in the 1950's it was 186.  Where else in this country can one find a community of under 200 people whose members have earned one OBE and two Orders of Canada for public service, the latest just on May 4 this year. The first was Chief Peter Moses who received the OBE for his leadership in raising funds to buy a field ambulance for the Allied cause during World War II.  The community's sole source of income was from wild-caught fur. In 1988 Chief Peter Moses was awarded the Order of Canada…. In 2007, a granddaughter of Chief Peter Moses was awarded the Order of Canada.  Her citation reads:

‘Bertha Allen is a champion of social, political and economic equality for Aboriginal and Northern women.’  … For its unique achievements I nominate Old Crow, Yukon and its people, as one of the Wonders of Canada.