Will Ferguson's Picks

Will Ferguson is an award-winning travel, history, humour and fiction author whose work is published in more than 30 countries around the world. He helped kick off the Seven Wonders of Canada project with Shelagh Rogers and Mark Kelley on Sounds Like Canada, and came up with his own list of Canadian wonders. In Will’s view, “The wonders should be iconic and singular…. but also something that Canadians made…”

CN Tower

“speaking as a Calgarian…. any list that doesn’t have the CN Tower on it is wrong…”

Edmonton High Level Bridge Great Divide artificial waterfall

“they turn it on and off for special occasions…”

Hartland Covered bridge of New Brunswick

the covered bridges weren’t built to be beautiful, but they are… an example of unintentional beauty, weathered beauty…

Montreal Olympic Stadium

the Big O… you’ve got the weird Freudian phallic shape of the CN Tower, then you have this oval… it’s very, kind of, primal…

Whitehorse’s log skyscraper

“It’s like a 4-storey log cabin… it should be a Canadian icon…”

The Sudbury Nickel

“one big object to represent all big objects…”


the Giant Hockey Stick in Duncan, BC

“it comes at no extra charge with the world’s biggest hockey puck…”

World’s tallest totem poles (Alert Bay and Victoria, BC)

“…because you want wonders. These aren’t meant to be little nooks!”