The Seven Wonders of Prince Edward Island

Province House

Dustin Milligan

You can't get much more appropriate than the "birthplace of Confederation" for one of the wonders of Canada.  It was the beginning of the conversations that got us all here in the first place.  It is also the second oldest legislature in Canada, and though it is small, its size reflects the smallest province and its own beauty.

Confederation Trail

Susan & Robert Green

This is an ongoing project which involves all parts of Canada... it can be used at all times of the year! Here in PEI, we use it for biking, jogging, bird watching and walking as well as winter activities.  We can go 280 kilomtres, tip-to-tip on PEI on this Trail. To my knowledge, PEI has the only fully completed Trail in Canada! Our names are posted on the Confederation Trail Shelter in Charlottetown since our Mom bought a metre of it years ago in our honour!

Cavendish Beach


Cavendish Beach is the number one destination for all Canadians. It has many tourist attractions in the area such as the Green Gables and the town of Avonlea. There are many outdoor recreational activities that people can do and enjoy and it can be visited anytime of the year. It is located in Prince Edward Island National Park. The beach is beautiful itself with it's creamy looking sand and the dunes that are breath-taking.

Basin Head Beach & Fisheries Museum

Vivian MacAulay

This is a beautiful stretch of beach in Eastern Prince Edward Island where local and visitors enjoy a day at the beach. The beach goes for miles. It is an attraction for visitors who want to cool off on a hot summer day. The beach is by far the most beautiful that I have ever been on, You can sit on the beach and watch ferries, fishing boats, tankers, etc go by. There are sand bars that create small warm pools of water to swim in for children. It is the best beach in the world. Thanks for letting me nominate Basin Head, Souris, P.E.I.

Red clay soil

Margarey Voorhaar

How many of us have gasped at first sight of that red soil?   Am I the only one who drove down a muddy PEI dirt road and been oddly surprised at the colour of mud on my car? My home town in Elgin County, Ontario has its share of excellent soil.  However, when I returned home I drove my car with its red mud- splashed panels for days, just to remember PEI.

Greenwich National Park

Cynthia Scheible

The topography that exists in this park is found in only two places in the world, Greenwich and somewhere in Germany.  It is a beautiful beyond words and I really believe that if God lived somewhere it would be on Greenwich beach.  I wished I lived there!!!!

Anne of Green Gables house

Christine McPhail (grade 11 student)

… The Anne of Green Gables house is an international commodity because of its inspiration in the Anne of Green Gables novel (1908) by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  The Anne of Green Gables property first belonged to David McNeill Sr. In 1831, and was later inhabited by David Jr. and Margaret McNeill.  They were Maud’s grandparents’ cousins. Maud lived near by, when she was growing up.  She had many adventures, exploring the Anne of Green Gables property.  This is how Maud discovered memorable places she would later put into her best selling novels.  Two of the most well known are “Lover’s Lane”, which was actually an old cow path, and the “Haunted wood”.  The Anne of Green Gables house and property later became part of the Prince Edward Island National Park in 1936, when the niece of David Jr. sold it. …  This property has inspired one of Canada’s most famous, female writers.  It is a representation of our history and our accomplishments over the last century, in literature and equality. It is a reminder of our childhoods. It’s the idea of imagination that is slowly being forgotten in a society that drills imagination out of us as we grow older.  In a society that rarely spends time appreciating nature and the simple things, the Anne of Green Gables house and property reminds us of our history and country, as something that should be recognized and appreciated.  The house is like many other farmhouses around Canada.  Its only difference is the magic in and around it that so easily inspired a classic, that truly represents how beautiful Canada, and its people are.