The Seven Wonders of British Columbia

Long Beach, Vancouver Island

Bernice LeDuc

How can you NOT nominate this part of our Country?  I've been to beaches in Mexico, the Carribean, the US, and NONE of them compare to the wonders of this beach.  As you stare out at the magnificence of the sea you can imagine what lies beyond AND beneath.  The beach itself teams with wonders... from colorful starfish, to darting bullheads in the tidal pools, whimsical seashells, scurrying crabs and creative driftwood, AND the sunsets!  You can watch surfers, divers, ships drifting by and if you are really lucky a whale spout off in the distance.  The sand is like sugar between your toes, the gulls and other seabirds flock to the many food sources, bears, and people frolic in the many wonders of Long Beach, BC.

Museum of Anthropology

Stevie Wilson

This wonderful building was designed by Arthur Erickson to nestle in its west coast pebble beach site. It is a wood and glass building that modernizes the design of the native long house sitting nearby. The entrance of the museum leads down a high ceilinged hallway lined on both sides by majestic totems and into an open full windowed area. Walking down that hall never fails to fill me with a sense of awe and spirituality.

Butchart Gardens

Denise Charest

Being a yearly pass holder for several years, I have spent the last three summers at Butchart Gardens.  In the summer there is plenty to see and do. Besides the spectacular beauty and aroma of the flowers and sounds of fountains, there are concerts every night, fireworks every Saturday night.  The food is fabulous and I get a discount.

December is also fabulous as it is brilliantly lit with many thousands of lights, with whimsical displays of the 12 days of Christmas.  There are musicians and carolers dressed in period attire to entertain, as you sip a cup of hot cocoa. As of the last two winters you can skate at Butchart Gardens.  It is a totally wonderful place to spend your time, whatever the season.”

The Marine Building

Raggedy13 ( forum user)

“One of the best examples of art deco architecture in Canada.”

Stanley Park

Stephen Rasku

I am sure many people will nominate Stanley Park but, given the damage it suffered from the wind storms earlier this year, I feel that it would be a travesty if Stanley Park wasn't nominated.  I don't go often enough but I am always awestruck by this emerald jewel on the west coast.

Okanagan Lake

Lew Rossner

Okanagan Lake provides a unique, moderate, micro-climate enabling vineyards and orchards to flourish along its 92 mile length.  Okanagan Lake also provides a myriad of year round recreational activities.  Historically, Okanagan Lake became a significant transportation corridor enabling portage to the goldfields of BC's Interior; the movement of goods from the Okanagan Valley to markets in other parts of Canada; plus the development of the now thriving communities.  Okanagan Lake was admired and enjoyed by Canadian soldiers from the Boer War, through two World Wars and the Korean War to today, as they trained in Camp Vernon before leaving for overseas service.  It is also the home of Ogopogo - bringing the mythical to this naturally beautiful Canadian waterway.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Leanne Doppler

This is a truly breathtaking wonder in our country.  I first walked the bridge when I was 7 years old (some 38 years ago!), and while terrifying at the time it is now a vivid and treasured memory.