The Seven Wonders of Alberta

West Edmonton Mall

Maggie Duncan

West Edmonton mall is so amazing. It has pretty much everything there!! I think it should be nominated because it has so many things, like a water park and a huge amusement park and a submarine ride! I just think it is SO COOL!!!!!! I don’t know why, but I also really liked the flamingos there. (Also because it is probably the biggest mall in Canada.)

Calgary Stampede

Doug Nelson

Since 1912, the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede has represented the traditions and diversity of Western Canada and its people, from pioneers, stockmen and farmers to our First Nations.   Among its achievements, the Stampede can boast the creation of its own home grown rodeo event, the spectacular Rangeland Derby or chuckwagon race.  Broadcast nation wide, the Calgary Stampede Parade rides high on the priority list for participants including colourful marching and Native bands.  Despite a decidedly  'regional' focus, the Calgary Stampede remains Canada's most recognizable annual event, drawing interest and visitors from all over the world.  The Calgary Exhibition &  Stampede - a true, made-in-Canada wonder.

Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump

Susan Fox

Head Smashed In is a World Heritage Site.  It had been used for thousands of years by our First Nations people.  The combination of the natural cliffs with the man made drive lanes for buffalo that stretch for miles is truly a wonder. What is equally important are the sounds, sights and smells of this part of the country.  The sound of the wind against your ear, the sight of the prairie that goes for miles and miles, and the smell of the grass and sage.

Writing on Stone Provincial Park

Karen Tweddle

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park combines the wonders of nature with amazing man made images creating a spiritual and sacred landscape. Located on the Milk River in Southern Alberta the valley is filled with hoodos, unique vegetation and animals and the river itself. The backdrop to this magnificent landscape is the blue gray colour of the Sweetgrass Hills in Montana. Despite being across the border they are intrinsic to the sacred geography of Aboriginal people in this area. Tall sandstone cliffs are graced with hundreds of ancient Aboriginal rock art images. The human experience is recorded here, both visionary and historical. When you visit this Wonder of Canada you will be changed.

Heather Uhl

Many, many generations ago, native groups travelled to Writing-on-Stone to make camp and find spiritual and physical respite in this ancient sacred place, home to powerful spirits and abundant resources. Today, Canadians continue to do the same, as children climb the hoodoos, float lazily down the river in the summer heat, and cover themselves with mud from the rich soil banks, while parents pitch tents and trailers nearby and let their stresses drift away on the coulee breezes.

Edmonton Fringe Festival

Aaron Talbot

This is a uniquely Canadian summer event.  Artists come to Canada from all over the world to participate and tour our country on the Fringe circuit because there is nothing else like it.
It is a grassroots, community supported event. From burlesque to musicals, from stand-up comedy to high drama, from the experimental to the just plain wacky, you can see anything you can imagine at the Fringe.  And thousands upon thousands of people buy tix every summer.  In Edmonton alone last year, more than 75, 000 tickets were sold to indoor shows (this is beyond the more than half-a-million people that go through the Edmonton Fringe's Outdoor Site every year). And there are events like this in major cities and small towns alike across the country.  Can you think of something more unifying than that? Theatre in the summer, who knew?

Lethbridge Viaduct


Picture yourself standing in the midst of towering cottonwoods, willows, and elm trees and surrounded by abundant wildlife including deer, rabbits, pelicans, and porcupines. You look around and all you see are the steep faces of the coulees which have been carved from the glacier melts ages and ages ago. Now you might think you are in some provincial or national park but in fact you are smack dab in the middle of Lethbridge, Alberta, in the Oldman River Valley. This COULD be one of the wonders of Canada because of its beauty and serenity but... If you look up! (way up!) you will see the Lethbridge Viaduct, otherwise known as the High Level Bridge. This massive structure is the LONGEST and HIGHEST railway bridge of its kind in the world. It is twice the length and almost 2 times the height of Horseshoe Falls! Built for the CPR in 1908/09, it was completed at a cost of over ONE MILLION DOLLARS and it is still used to this day.


Roger Rampling

These beautiful natural features are soft, rolling, ever-changing in the light of different seasons.  They can be spectacularly high and steep like the Grand Canyon, and a gentle place for deer to graze.