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Vote For Dominique Liboiron in the Canoe & Kayak Magazine Awards for Spirit Of Adventure

DomInNewOrleans.jpgOur friend Dominique Liboiron paddled more than 5,000 kilometres in a canoe, carrying his uncle's ashes from Eastend, Saskatchewan to New Orleans.

After Dominique Liboiron's Uncle Mitch died of a heart attack in 2010, Liboiron decided to honour his life in a special way and he paddled through Canada and then 13 U.S. states. He began his trip in June 2012 and arrived in late January 2013.

Dominique has now been nominated for Canoe and Kayak magazine's prestigious Spirit of Adventure Award which is given to this person who most inspires people to pursue outdoor adventures.

Click here if you would like to cast your vote or get more information about the nominations.

(Voting ends June 30th, 2013)

Now that he has been back on land in Western Canada for a few months, Dom was on Saskatchewan Weekend again to discuss the Awards and catch up with Dan about what life has been like since the trip. Since Dom was in Medicine Hat, he also offers an update on what conditions are like in the city as the flood waters from Calgary move toward it.

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