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Interview - Leisha Grebinski on the Earthquake in British Columba - October 28, 2012

LeishaCBC.jpgA 7.7 earthquake struck near Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, on Saturday night, centered 198 kilometres south-southwest of Prince Rupert. CBC Radio's Leisha Grebinski is the co-host of Daybreak North and she lives in Prince Rupert. She was at a Halloween party when it hit and shared her story with Dan on Sunday morning.



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Interview - Book Columnist Erin Balser Offers Some Spooky Reads - October 28, 2012

Scary_Halloween_Pumpkin_by_TitanaCrotu.jpgHalloween is a time of frights, delights and things that go bump in the night and books columnist Erin Balser offers Dan some spooky reads to get us all in the mood.


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DRSO.jpgI am so excited about today's release of the "25th Anniversary Edition - Limited Edition Box Set" for Peter Gabriel's 1986 album SO that I've even dubbed this "Peter Gabriel Week" and have been listening to his albums chronologically leading up to

However, I can't decide if I have done all of this because the album - which I loved immediately upon my first hearing it in 1986 and still do - invokes nostalgic feelings in me, or is simply full of good music.


Some of that nostalgia comes from three distinct memories I have:

1) Playing "Sledgehammer" and "Don't Give Up" on CJRW radio in Summerside, P.E.I.,
and getting calls and requests from people immediately after they ended to play them
again. (Yes, I have actually been on the radio for this long, and - truth be told -
much longer).

2) Sitting in the living room at my friend Pam's parent's house talking with her sisters and their boyfriends, discussing how SO was such a unique record on it's own...but that it was also the perfect next step in Peter Gabriel's musical evolution and fit right in after his third and fourth solo records following his departure from Genesis (Yes, I was a know-it-all music nerd even back then, well before the internet).


3) Hanging out with my big-brother-from-another-Mother Michael Goguen in his car and on the front steps of his parent's house listening to the cassette on his boom box/ghetto blaster (Along with Goat, Gerry, Doug, Brian, Darren, Nikki, Darlene, John and anyone and everyone else who stopped by).

Those three great memories, and many others, came rushing back as I clicked the play symbol on my iTunes to begin listening to the first disc of the eight in the set and I wanted to write them down, and there were also some new memories mixed in there as well.

The SO album/CD/playlist begins - as it always has - with "Red Rain" and in addition to thinking of Pam, Mike, Goat and everyone in Summerside, I thought of my road trip to see Peter Gabriel play at Red Rocks outside Denver on Monday, June 13th, 2011 (Pictures from that trip are available online right here).

During that concert at this fantastic location it was actually raining as Gabriel sang "Red Rain", and the stage was lit up with red lighting...thus actually giving us red rain. It was a great moment, among many that night!!

As "Sledgehammer" started - a song I have yet to hear live - I started to think of the conversations I've had with my step-brother-in-law Jay Candy about seeing Peter Gabriel live that night, something I had always wanted to do...and hope to do again one day...and the shows that Jay has seen.

That song also brought back the many times when my Dad yelled at me to "Turn that music down!!!" as I had it cranked up in my room in the basement at 139 Balcom Drive (That is a good memory today...not so much in 1986).

There are so many memories of so many people and places connected with this album in my mind - new and old, related and otherwise - that I guess I can't help but feel nostalgic when I listen to it. But...I also feel nostalgic when I hear songs from Pet Shop Boys, Baltimora, Opus, Sly Fox, Charlie Sexton, The Blow Monkeys, Timex Social Club, Oran "Juice" Jones, Timbuk 3, Gregory Abbot and many of the other artists who had hit songs and albums in 1986, however I will never spend $100 on a "25th Anniversary Edition - Limited Edition Box Set" for any of them.

I guess - after typing all this - I've realized that the truth, at least for me, is that SO is both nostalgic AND just good music.

Here's to Peter Gabriel's SO, and everyone I have ever played it for, listened to it with, sang along to it with, danced to it with (you know who you are!!), or talked about it with over these wonderful twenty-five years!! It has been a great two and a half decades!!

I look forward to listening to this great collection of songs many more times before my hearing eventually fails me (again), as I tend to listen to music too loud. 

I also look forward to waxing nostalgic again, when it turns fifty!!


Dan Reynish
October 23rd, 2012

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Feature - Playing Games with Jean Bilodeau and Cory Herperger - October 21, 2012

VideoGames.jpgAs we head toward the Christmas shopping season, some of the biggest video games of the year are set for release and Jean Bilodeau and Cory Herperger - the Saskatchewan Weekend Playing Games Panel - join Dan to discuss some of those games, the new Wii U gaming system, and more.






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Feature - Wine Columnist Shelley Boettcher - October 21st, 2012

Hallowine.jpgHalloween is just a little over a week away and so our wine columnist Shelley Boettcher offers some spooky wines for adult to enjoy as the kids are enjoying their candy. Shelley is the executive editor of Wine Access magazine.






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Interview - Saskatchewan Musician Chad Kichula - October 14, 2012

ChadKichula.JPGRegina musician Chad Kichula recently released his fourth full length recording. Called "A Fire" it is all about his world and his blue-collar life, and he stopped by the show to chat with Dan.







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Interview - Personal Finance Columnist Hilary Doyle - October 14, 2012

HillaryD.jpgYou might not want to believe it... but the holiday shopping season has already started. Our personal finance columnist and "thousandaire" Hilary Doyle offers up some tips on keeping a grip on our spending so we don't wind up too far in debt come January, even though our brains are wired to make bad spending decisions.











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Interview - Juno Award Winner Meaghan Smith - October 6, 2012

MeaghanJasonSmith.JPGAhead of her show with the Regina Symphony Orchestra, Juno Award winning artist Meaghan Smith - and her husband Jason - stopped by Studio 9 at the CBC Broadcast Centre to speak with Dan about her Juno win, her music & art, and performing with a symphony orchestra.






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Photo - The Road To The World Series Starts Today!!

DRWST.jpgNo matter who wins Major League Baseball's World Series this year, the players will all touch the Commissioner's Trophy AFTER Dan. He got up close and personal with it at the All-Star game in Kansas City back in July. That said, GO JAYS GO (in 2013)!!
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Dance Your Cares Away...Down at Fraggle Rock with Ben Folds Five