Coming Up On April 19th & 20th:



original_amoeba-music-hollywood-los-angeles.jpgRecord Store Day is an internationally celebrated day observed the third Saturday of April each year. Its purpose is to celebrate the art of music and independent record stores.

So - coming up on the next Saskatchewan Weekend - on Record Store Day - we'll celebrate music and independent record stores. Plus, Dan will feature some record breaking songs!


And with it being the Easter Saskatchewan Weekend, there's only one show as we are preempted on Sunday, so please join Dan on Saturday morning from 6 until 9 on CBC Radio One.

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WolfCop - The Action Figure!!

Wolfie.jpgAs we prepare for the made-in-Saskatchewan film WolfCop to be released across Canada on June 6th, word has now come down that writer/director Lowell Dean and his team have created WOLFCOP - THE ACTION FIGURE!!

Lowell will join Dan Saturday morning on Saskatchewan Weekend to discuss the action figure, and reveal how you can get yours AND your ticket to see the film on opening night.

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Personal Finance Columnist Nisha Patel Suggests We Teach Money Smarts To Kids

KidsMoney.jpgMany Canadian's attitudes towards money are formed early in life.

So, our personal finance columnist Nisha Patel suggests we teach kids to be financially literate at a young age.

That way they make smarter decisions when they get older.



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Wine Columnist Shelley Boettcher Shares Her Tips On Red Wine Blends

redwine.jpgIf you drink red wines, you've likley enjoyed a blend recently.

Bargain versions are one of the biggest trends in North America these days.

Our wine columnist Shelley Boettcher talks with Dan about red blends and where they're coming from.


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Author and Biographer Charles R. Cross Discusses The Lasting Impact of Kurt Cobain

CobainBookAndAberdeenDirt.jpgA musician still called the voice of his generation killed himself twenty years ago this weekend, on April 5th, 1994.

Dan spoke with biographer Charles R. Cross about his new book "Here We Are Now - The Lasting Impact Of Kurt Cobain" and the legacy of the music Kurt made in the band Nirvana.

RIP Kurt.




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Home Renovations Columnist Jorge Rodrigues Shared Spring Landscaping Tips

LandscapeFountain.jpgOur home reno guy Jorge Rodrigues was back on the show this Saskatchewan Weekend.

Jorge shared some tips with Dan to help you get a jumpstart on your do-it-yourself landscaping projects this spring.


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Dana Tillusz Is Celebrating Twenty Years Of Owning His Own Comic Store

DanaPicture.jpgA comic book fan in Regina is celebrating the fact that he's been making a living selling comics for two decades now.

Dana Tillusz, a real life Comic Book Guy from Comic Readers in Regina, joins Dan to discuss his store and career.



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