Coming Up On August 22nd and 23rd:

Clara-Poster.pngTwo years ago, a young family from Saskatoon was driving to Diefenbaker Lake to spend a hot summer weekend camping with friends. Unfortunately, due to a two car collision, they never arrived.

Now, their friends and family are hosting an awareness fundraiser to celebrate their lives in a fun way, by trying to give back to the community.

We'll celebrate Clara's Play Day At The Park on the next Saskatchewan Weekend.

Plus, we'll have much, much more too!!

Hope you can tune in!!

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Bryan Cox Is A Comedian, Voice Over Artist, Broadcaster And Positive Inspiration

BryanPicture.jpgBryan Cox is a Saskatoon comedian, voice over artist and broadcaster.

His "Hey, Get Off My Lawn" radio feature and podcast features celebrity interviews and reaches over a million ears Worldwide every week.

But there is more to Bryan's story than what you hear in his interviews.

Dan turned the table on Bryan and interviewed him.


By the way, to hear Bryan's interviews, go to iTunes Podcasts and punch in Hey Get Off My Lawn or visit

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Canada's Longest Pedestrian Bridge Is Currently Closed

SundayBridgePicture.jpgOutlook is home of the longest pedestrian bridge in Canada.

It is 3000 feet long, 150 feet high, and offers an incredible view.

Unfortunately, SKYTRAIL is currently closed.

Jill Lee is the Recreation Director of Outlook and she gave Dan all the details.

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Strange Saskatchewan Stories From A Fantastic Saskatchewan Illustrator

SundayJasonBook.jpgRegina's Jason Sylvestre is an artist, a graphic designer, and cartoonist.

He's the illustrator of the new book STRANGE SASKATCHEWAN, written by Carson Demmans.

This book features strange stories about our province, and they're all true.

Jason Sylvestre joined Dan to discuss being an artist and the new book.

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Climbing To The Highest Point In Saskatchewan

SundayBaldButte.jpgThe Peakbaggers is a group of people climbing to the top of the highest summits in every Canadian Province and Territory.

That includes the highest peak in Saskatchewan, Bald Butte.

Brian Cauley is one of the members of The Peakbaggers. He shared the group's story with Dan.

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The Cheap Seats - With Adam Hunter And Jenna Leith - Celebrate Youth

SaturdayFootball.jpgThe winless Riders are in Toronto to play Argos.

With the signing of a 23-year-old quarterback, has a youth movement begun in Riderville? Or is the team just filling holes?

For the answer, we climb up into The Cheap Seats with CBC's Adam Hunter and Jenna Leith!!

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Your Dog(s) Could Appear In A New Music Video

SundayDog01.jpgRegina musician Glenn Sutter has some new music coming out in the Fall.

Right now, he's looking for videos and pictures of dogs to use in a music video for his song Let The Dog Run.

Glenn spoke with Dan about the song and how you can submit your videos or pictures.

Woof, woof, woof!!

Oh, yes...the deadline is Friday, August 7th.

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