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Saskatchewan Votes 2003
Saskatchewan Legislature

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Constituency Profiles

Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Len Taylor New Democratic Party 3037 43% X
Jack Hillson Liberal Party 2033 28.79%
Larry William Doke Saskatchewan Party 1853 26.24%
Gordon C. Elias Western Indep Party 139 1.97%
 Last Update Wed Nov 5 11:14:01 CST 2003 46 of 46 polls reporting





  NDP: Len Taylor
  SASK: Larry William Doke
  Liberal: Jack Hillson
  WIP: Gordon Elias

Current MLA: This is a new constituency. Jack Hillson (Ind) is the MLA for North Battleford. Wally Lorenz (Sask) is the MLA for Battleford-Cut Knife.

Constituency Profile: Located in NW Saskatchewan, the constituency is the agricultural service center for northwestern Saskatchewan. Other major industries include tourism, meat packing and manufacturing. The Parson's Industrial Park is home to a number of companies that produce products for markets in Canada, USA and Asia. North Battleford is also a popular community for seniors and retirees.


  Issues: In 2001, hundreds of people in the Battlefords became sick after drinking contaminated water. Since then, there has been a government-commissioned inquiry into the incident. One of the recommendations of that inquiry was to build a new sewage treatment plant, which will cost millions of dollars. The provincial government has said it will not share the costs of building the plant with the city. Jack Hillson, the Liberal candidate for The Battlefords, believes that the government's handling of the water crisis will be the overriding issue in this election.  

Political History: This is a new constituency, which includes polls from the Battleford-Cut Knife and North Battleford ridings. Jack Hillson was elected as a Liberal in 1999. The Liberals joined the NDP to form a coalition majority government, and for a period of time Hillson held a cabinet portfolio. But he became disenchanted with the leadership of the Liberal Party and the coalition agreement. He left the Liberal caucus and opted to sit independently on the other side of the house. Since then, a new Liberal party leader has been elected, and Hillson is again running as a Liberal.


The Battlefords:

  1986-1995: NDP
  1982-1986: PC



North Battleford:

  1996-2003: LIB




1999-2003: SASK
1991-1999: NDP




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 Overall Election Results
Party E L T Pop. Vote %
NDP 30 0 30 44.62%
SP 28 0 28 39.35%
LIB 0 0 0 14.17%
OTH 0 0 0 1.87%
 Last Update Wed Nov 5 11:14:01 CST 2003

Constituency Profiles

Reporter's Notebook Reporter's Notebook
By the time this notebook entry makes it onto the Web, the big leaders debate will be over. The political polls will be out there, and this provincial election will be into the home stretch.
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Indepth Features
Indepth Features
The Saskatchewan Party and the NDP still appear to be in a dead heat in the days before the Nov. 5 election. For the campaign teams, capturing the undecided voter and making sure their existing supporters actually vote are the keys to winning.
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