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Saskatchewan Votes 2003
Saskatchewan Legislature

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Constituency Profiles

Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Harry Van Mulligen New Democratic Party 5123 57.38% X
Laura Ross Saskatchewan Party 1882 21.08%
Mike Farmer Liberal Party 1690 18.93%
David Orban New Green Alliance 147 1.65%
Wayne Mastrachuk Conservative Party 86 0.96%
 Last Update Wed Nov 5 11:14:01 CST 2003 55 of 55 polls reporting





  NDP: Harry Van Mulligen
  SASK: Laura Ross
  Liberal: Mike Farmer
  NGA: Dave Orban
  PC: Wayne Mastrachuk

Current MLA: New riding. Harry Van Mulligen (NDP) is the MLA for Regina Victoria. Joanne Crofford (NDP) is the MLA for Regina Centre. John Nilson (NDP) is the MLA for Regina Lakeview.

Constituency Profile: This is an urban riding in the center of the city. The southern part of the downtown Transition Area has a mix of houses, apartments, seniors' housing, and professional buildings. The area east of Albert Street is mostly residential, but it also includes a community center, a strip mall and the General Hospital. About half of the geographical space in this riding is covered by Wascana Park.



Political History: This is a new riding. The Regina Douglas Park constituency now includes parts of some polls from the Regina Centre, Regina Victoria and Regina Lakeview ridings.


Regina Centre:

  1986-2003: NDP
  1982-1986: PC



Regina Victoria:

  1986-2003: NDP
  1982-1986: PC



Regina Lakeview:

  1995-2003: NDP
  1986-1995: Regina Lakeview riding was eliminated (Regina Lake Centre and Regina Hillsdale, the two ridings in the same area as Regina Lakeview, went to the NDP)
  1982-1986: PC
  1978-1982: NDP
  1967-1978: LIB




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 Overall Election Results
Party E L T Pop. Vote %
NDP 30 0 30 44.62%
SP 28 0 28 39.35%
LIB 0 0 0 14.17%
OTH 0 0 0 1.87%
 Last Update Wed Nov 5 11:14:01 CST 2003

Constituency Profiles

Reporter's Notebook Reporter's Notebook
By the time this notebook entry makes it onto the Web, the big leaders debate will be over. The political polls will be out there, and this provincial election will be into the home stretch.
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SASKATOON – In the few hours remaining before voting begins, all the party workers and candidates are frantically trying to ensure that their message is getting through to voters.
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Indepth Features
Indepth Features
The Saskatchewan Party and the NDP still appear to be in a dead heat in the days before the Nov. 5 election. For the campaign teams, capturing the undecided voter and making sure their existing supporters actually vote are the keys to winning.
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CBC Archives
A look back at over 40 years of provincial elections in Saskatchewan.


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