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Construction is 95% done!

There's been a flurry of activity throughout Dec & January and the construction is 95% done and we're on track for the February 15 move.

 Dec 7th

Dec 7th-Construction

jan 3

Jan 3rd-Whisper Booth

P1030136 (Custom).JPG

Jan 3rd-Furniture is here!

IMG_0247 (Custom).JPG

Jan 31st-Furniture and Monitors installed in Newsroom

IMG_0262 (Custom).JPG

February 1st-Really Coming together

The engineeering team are hard at work running wires,setting up the equipment and rooms.  Lots done and lots to do yet!

From these piles of stuff & wire....

P1030140 (Custom).JPG

P1030141 (Custom).JPG

IMG_0241 (Custom).JPG

To this....

IMG_0242 (Custom).JPG

and this...

IMG_0243 (Custom).JPG

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks as we finish things off for the new office. 

It's very exciting!