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Welcome to #CBCYXE!

Hey Saskatoon, you told us that a local service is what you want and CBC is here to deliver on that promise with a new local morning show and online news service. The City of Bridges is a busy hub of innovation, business and culture and as the fastest growing city in Canada, Saskatoon deserves to have relevant content delivered to them daily!

With the launch of our new local radio program we have also created #cbcyxe, a lively blog to give you a behind the scenes look at CBC Saskatoon.

We have lots of exciting posts planned that will go beyond bringing you the news and will give you a chance to get to know our CBC personalities and see what goes on in the bureau.

Updates to the blog will come weekly, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Looking forward to sharing our stories with you!

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T-7 days and counting....

One Week To Go!!!!!

Friday February 15th we start our move to the new facility.  If you swing by 128 4th Ave this is what you'll see now.

IMG_0270 (Custom).JPG

IMG_0269 (Custom).JPG

No secret now who's moving into the space that's been under renovation for these past months.


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Construction is 95% done!

There's been a flurry of activity throughout Dec & January and the construction is 95% done and we're on track for the February 15 move.

 Dec 7th

Dec 7th-Construction

jan 3

Jan 3rd-Whisper Booth

P1030136 (Custom).JPG

Jan 3rd-Furniture is here!

IMG_0247 (Custom).JPG

Jan 31st-Furniture and Monitors installed in Newsroom

IMG_0262 (Custom).JPG

February 1st-Really Coming together

The engineeering team are hard at work running wires,setting up the equipment and rooms.  Lots done and lots to do yet!

From these piles of stuff & wire....

P1030140 (Custom).JPG

P1030141 (Custom).JPG

IMG_0241 (Custom).JPG

To this....

IMG_0242 (Custom).JPG

and this...

IMG_0243 (Custom).JPG

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks as we finish things off for the new office. 

It's very exciting!


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Construction Update 1

Construction is well underway, there's some colour on the walls, most the drywall is done in the back and the cable trays are complete.  We're taking a phased approach on the construction; Phase 1 is the rear of the facility which is nearing completion and Phase 2 is the front of the facility which will be completed by the end of the year.


Phase 1-Rear-Technical Area

rear construction 1.JPG

 -Figure 1-To the left of this area in the alcove is where audio booth 3 will be

booth 1 area.JPG

-Figure 2-Future home of the Radio Studio

edit area.JPG

-figure 3-future editing area



MES hats.JPG

The Media Engineering team will be on site in approximately 1 week to begin building the Central Equipment Room or Nerve Centre of the facility and begin running the cables in the trays and doing interconnects within the CER.  More to follow on that once they begin their work.

Phase 2-Front/Newsroom area

newroom wall.JPG

-figure 5-newsroom South wall

IMG_0094 (Custom).JPG

-figure 6-newsroom, boardroom & office

As you can see there is more work yet to be done in the newsroom area but this will be done by the end of the year.  Figure 6 is the newsroom hit position, as you can see in the artist's rendition below it will look much better when it's complete.


 -Figure 7-Artist's rendition-Charles Doss/CBC


Stop back soon for more updates as they become available.

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CBC Saskatchewan's Saskatoon Office is Moving!

CBC Saskatchewan's Saskatoon Office is moving!

Saskatoon was recognized as an underserved market and CBC Radio-Canada has been working to change that.  On October 1st, CBC Radio-Canada President, Hubert Lacroix told the LeaderPost "We're increasing our footprint in Saskatoon, which is kind of different than what we're doing in other places in the country, because we think Saskatchewan is a very important place to be."

In order to support this plan we undertook an evaluation of the current space, technologies in place and existing workflows.  We quickly determined we needed more space to support additional programming and we needed to adopt newer technologies that allow us to work differently.  There will be more on those technologies in a later post, it will be a facility with the latest digital technologies.

After an extensive search and evaluation of a variety of spaces a final space was chosen

Welcome to 128 4th Ave. S.




Complete demolition of the interior spaces was required as the previous tenants' needs were significantly different than our own.  This demolition took place during the month of September and October and construction is now underway.

demo 1.jpg 

 D1-Demolition Completed Looking East


 D2-Demolition Completed Looking North West



Phase 1 of the construction is to be completed by mid-November, this is the area at the rear of the building that includes the equipment room.  Media Engineering & IT will begin their installation then.


 C1-Looking South West, beginning to frame the boardroom


 C2-Looking East, framing underway for maintenance & camera room


 C3-Cable tray install underway-there will be lots of cables!

 con 4.jpg

 C4-Equipment/Rack Room

 con 5.jpg

C5-Looking west towards 4th Ave. Framing progressing

con 6.jpg

C6-The Radio Studio will be here

con 7.jpg 

C7-The other Radio booth will be here


Drop back soon for further updates as this exciting project unfolds.