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Saskatchewan's Mushroom Market


Mushroom season is well under way in northern Saskatchewan. Buyers from BC and Alberta are camped out along the highway south of La Ronge eager to see what local pickers are bringing in. I'm told the chanterelles are a little smaller than average so far this season -- needing a bit more heat, and a little less rain. I interviewed Fred John for stories on radio and television and he says he's still buying about 230 kilograms every night.

The chanterelles are then shipped back to companies and then marketed all over the world. California, Japan, and Germany are some of the biggest buyers. Chanterelles can be found in BC, but the Saskatchewan chanterelles are a superior grade --and are known for being top quality and larger. I've purchased some myself -- they taste great in all kinds of dishes (eggs, stir-fries, pasta, etc). They can be easily frozen and dried. Another delicacy growing right in our back yard.