CBC Saskatchewan

Regina teens explore what it means to be Canadian through the lens of a camera.

The face of Saskatchewan is changing -- as more and more people move here from other countries, the definition of what it means to be Canadian is changing too. Canadian cuisine, fashion, languages, and beliefs are evolving to reflect a more multi-cultural province.

We wanted to find out how young new Canadians fit into this new world without losing their own culture.

During the summer -- CBC Saskatchewan journalist Nichole Huck worked with seven young people in Regina from Balfour Collegiate and the Regina Huda School.

The students were taught basic photos skills and were asked to take pictures of the people, places and things that are important to them. Nichole spent time with the students at their homes -- and gathered sound to create audio slideshows that provide a small window into each of the participant's life.

Amir Aboguddah was born and raised in Canada but he feels a strong connection to his parents homeland of Syria. He attends the Regina Huda School and speaks fluent Arabic. Amir says his Muslim religion helps him feel connected to the Syrian culture.

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