The Saskatoon Road Runners Association (SRRA) had its beginnings in 1975. The SRRA began as a club to serve the needs of a fairly elite group of athletes. Over the years, the SRRA has evolved to involve runners of all levels, encouraging all and discouraging none. The SRRA has been responsible for organizing the Saskatchewan Marathon since its inception in 1979.

The first Saskatchewan Marathon was run May 12, 1979. It had been in the works for some time - years really - but it was the awarding of the 1979 Western Canada Summer Games to Saskatoon which was the final impetus. The Games were to include a Marathon event and a qualifier was needed to select three Saskatchewan entrants to compete in the games. The SRRA was approached and gladly became the organizer and agreed to put on the qualifier. 2008 Marked the Saskatchewan Marathon's 30th Anniversary.

Course Preview

We strapped a camera on a bicycle and recorded the first 8km of the marathon course, from its start on Pinehouse Drive down to the Farmer's Market!

Download the Course Map: (First Half) - (Second Half)

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To promote physical activity, a healthy lifestyle and self-esteem among youth, the Saskatchewan Marathon is presenting Marafun, an opportunity for 1000 people aged 13 and under to participate in a unique way.