Fashion for the Junos

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Find your perfect outfit for the awards, the parties, and everything in between.. for under $150!

Take the quiz below to find out which outfit suits you best:

While out shopping, what colours are you drawn to?
Who's your favourite designer?
What part of your body do you like to emphasize?
Who's your favourite musical artist?
What will your date be wearing?
Where are you going after?
Please choose an answer

Stay connected with the Junos - Watch video clips and interviews


This year there are four Juno award nominees from Saskatchewan.

Check out some pictures of them from the past, and see if you can guess who is who!

With over 120 performers, the JUNOfest celebrations from Thursday April 18 to Sunday April 21 will definitely "Get Loud"!

Scan our JUNOfest map to see where the shows are and who's playing!