CBC proud sponsor of The Wooden Sky concert presented by the RFF and Artesian on 13 - November 25

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The Wooden Sky - November 25, 2012

Location: Artesian on 13th

Doors open at 7:30
Show starts at 8:00


CBC Saskatchewan - a proud sponsor of the Regina Folk Festival Concert Series!


The Wooden Sky

Initially formed as the bedroom project of singer / songwriter / guitarist Gavin Gardiner, Toronto-based country-folk / indie rock collective The Wooden Sky have grown exponentially throughout the years--both physically and figuratively. Spanning three records, several EPs, countless well-received tours, and dozens of collaborators, the group's development over the past decade can be used as a measuring stick in the Southern Ontario scene they've helped to curate and sustain. Their reverence-turned-subversion of accepted notions in Americana-based music have made them tireless innovators, consistently finding new wrinkles within a genre as broad as it seems ageless. The Wooden Sky create a secret world where not-quite-forgotten memories return as ghosts. On this rich tapestry of atmospheric sounds and salvos, the past is never far behind.

Advance tickets - $15.00
Tickets at the door - $15.00

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