Encore Broadcasts of Life Under Construction


Saturday, December 15 (Part 1) & December 22 (Part 2)

At 11:00 AM (Sask Time)

On CBC's 'Absolutely Canadian'


                    "There is always someone who the whole world is against.

                    The odds are against them.  The deck is stacked against them.

                    ... And they just rise up."  (Dwayne Allan - Instructor for "Transition to Trades")


A group of inner city youth who come from what's been deemed one of the worst neighbourhoods in Canada, are striving to make a difference in their lives. They're attempting to make the short list of a program called "Transition to Trades."  It trains students for work in construction but it also teaches them the skills they need to build a better future. 

Those who qualify must overcome past traumas, fight addictions, and manage complicated parenting challenges to find success.

Can Cory, whose mother was killed by his alcoholic father, put his traumatic past  behind him to move forward?   Can single-mother of three, Marylou, juggle her family responsibilities with a career?  Will expectant father, Colten, conquer his drug and alcohol habits in order to provide for his new family?  Can construction expert, Lance combine his work skills with the life skills he needs to consistently show up to work on time? 

Instructors Dwayne Allan and Jane Gattinger are faced with over 150 applicants who all need the program. But they have to decide who needs and wants it the most.   Once they make the short list of ten, students must stay drug and alcohol free during the entire placement, and demonstrate their commitment through attendance and punctuality as part of the rules and requirements of the program.  

This documentary follows those students throughout their 5 month journey.  See their struggles and victories ... and find out if they can make it through to the end.  


Produced by CBC Saskatchewan, feature documentary, Life Under Construction, was filmed in inner city Regina and was made by the award winning:
Producer/Director: Geoff Leo, 
Editor: Trevor Aikman, 
and Cinematographer: Aldo Columpsi.
Executive Producer:  Paul Dederick

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