Episode 5x08 Episode 8

A WW2 flying ace gets grounded; Buell Crawford takes on an anti-bullying advocate; L'il Ronnie goes to the movies; and Bobby DeNiro ponders Maritimers' love for fiddle music.

Episode 5x07 Episode 7

From The CBC Vaults features the comically garish Quebec sitcom Monsieur Popo; L'il Ronnie confronts bully Bucky Lutley on the baseball diamond.

Episode 5x06 Episode 6

A look at the hazards of the office photocopier; L'il Ronnie - the North Korean version; self-help guru Erskin Toob has some advice for his followers

Episode 5x05 Episode 5

A series that miraculously ran for 27 years, despite the fact that all episodes were set in a single jail cell;

Episode 5x04 Episode 4

About to be attacked by Zombies, a man refuses to take the recently discovered antidote that could save him - because of a life-long fear of needles

Episode 5x03 Episode 3

Three wealthy friends have their boat overtaken by Somali pirates but think they're in the clear when one of them recognizes the leader;

Episode 5x02 Episode 2

Jesus' band of apostles are stunned when they see their leader walk on water;

Episode 5x01 Episode 1

An office worker loses his mind when a co-worker threatens to tell him what happened on the most recent episode of his favourite TV show.

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