Season 5

Episode 5x08

Episode 8

A WW2 flying ace gets grounded; Buell Crawford takes on an anti-bullying advocate; L'il Ronnie goes to the movies; and Bobby DeNiro ponders Maritimers' love for fiddle music.

Episode 5x07

Episode 7

From The CBC Vaults features the comically garish Quebec sitcom Monsieur Popo; L'il Ronnie confronts bully Bucky Lutley on the baseball diamond.

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Season 4

Episode 4x13

Episode 13

Ron looks at the increasingly complex world of LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION and tries to figure out what's getting lost in translation. Special Guests: Deb McGrath, Christian Potenza....

Episode 4x12

Episode 12

Ron puts the world of SCIENCE under the microscope. Special Guests: Alanna Harkin, Marty Adams, Jonas Chernick, Sugith Varughese....

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Season 3

Episode 3x11

Episode 11

Comedian Ron James weighs in on a world where no matter how hard we try it's Never Enough. Class bully Bucky Lutley challenges L'il Ronnie to a chilling toboggan race down Dead Man's Hill. Special guest: Patrick McKenna....

Episode 3x10

Episode 10

Comedian Ron James puts the subject of Money where his mouth is. L'il Ronnie hits a wrong note with his scary piano teacher and Ron pays tribute to The Peg, birthplace of another Canadian rebel, Louis Riel. Guests: Sheila McCarthy,...

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