Soup + Best Minds- Shushma Datt

At 2pm Thursday and repeated Saturday at 1 am and 5pm (ET):
As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, Rewind turns its thoughts... and stomachs... to soup. Soup has existed in every culture and in every era and has used just about every ingredient imaginable. Soup can highlight food or hide it, stretch the budget or be extravagant. On this show you'll hear about tomato soup and fish chowder, Peking thickened soup and pappa al pommodoro, soup kitchens to Andy Warhol with his Campbell soup can art.    

At 1 am, 6 am and noon (ET):

On this edition of Rewind , an interview from the program Some of the Best Minds of Our Time with Peter Gzowski. It's with Shushma Datt, who is a pioneer in South Asian radio and television broadcasting in British Columbia. She founded her own radio station in Vancouver and her programming has encouraged and inspired young Indo-Canadians to find a voice.