Drugs and Religion Part One

Today on Rewind, a program that is very much of its time, both in its subject matter and its presentation. The program was called Bringing Back the Future, and it was described as an alternative culture music and talk show for the university age crowd, whether they were in school, post graduate or had dropped out. It aired between 1971 and 1973 and dealt with things that were very much issues of the day- gay liberation, free schools, biofeedback, free love and legalizing marijuana. And the way the show was presented was markedly different from even just a few years before- casual, laidback and almost soporific at times. On the program you'll hear today, the topic was drugs- and specifically how drugs were used in religious experience. It all sounds a little earnest and reverential- but we think you'll enjoy listening to it as a window to a time that feels rather far removed from ours. Come with us back to the summer of 1972 and Bringing Back the Future.