Midnight Cab

David Ferry, Midnight Cab

(David Ferry, Midnight Cab - CBC Still Photo Collection)

Today on Rewind we have two episodes of a radio drama that ran in the early 1990s called Midnight Cab. It was written by James W. Nichol and part of The Mystery Project- a weekly series of detective plays. Midnight Cab follows the adventures of a nineteen-year-old would-be writer from Northern Ontario called Walker Devereaux, who moves to Toronto to become famous. In the meantime, he finds a job driving a cab at night while he finishes his first novel during the day. On every show Walker runs into a mystery he has to solve. Another major character is Walker's girlfriend Krista Papadopoulos, who is the dispatcher of the taxi company. 

The first episode we have for you is called The Mystery of the Face in the Window, and it first aired in August 1992.

After that, The Mystery of the Red Haired Man from 1994.

Midnight Cab Cast

(Midnight Cab Cast - CBC Still Photo Collection)

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The Midnight Cab series was written by James W. Nichol and directed by Bill Howell. Featured in the cast were David Ferry as Walker and Jacqueline Samuda as Krista. Other actors included Howard Jerome, Neil Munro, Len Donchev, Peter McNeill, Ted Dykstra, Catherine Disher, Judy Sinclair, Elva Mae Hoover and Alex Duncan. The music was by Milan Kimlicka.