Marc Garneau Weightless

Astronaut Marc Garneau on a weightless flight (photo credit: NASA).

An hour of Canadian astronauts. Chris Hadfield, Roberta Bondar, Marc Garneau and Steve MacLean talk about what it's like to be in space- or in MacLean's case- fulfill a childhood dream.

The year was 1995 and four astronauts had gathered on the program Morningside to share experiences of what it was like to be in space, among other things. 

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Chris Hadfield on a Spacewalk

Left - Astronaut Chris Hadfield on a spacewalk (photo credit: NASA).

Major Chris Hadfield was fresh from the success of his mission just the month before- he had installed a docking tunnel for the space station Mir. He was joined by Steve McLean in Toronto, by Roberta Bondar in Albuquerque, New Mexico and later that morning by Canada's first astronaut- Marc Garneau.

Also on the show, a piece from a few years earlier- in 1989- and the program The Food Show. Host Bruce Steele explored what astronauts eat in space.

Since these programs aired, several more astronauts have joined this elite club- there have been seven Canadians astronauts, along with one civilian, who have been to space. In November 2012, Chris Hadfield is scheduled to blast off on a Russian spaceship for a six month visit to the International Space Station. After that, there are no definite future plans for Canadians to go to space.