Joan Baez

Today, a conversation with music icon, Joan Baez.  Baez has been active for over 50 years. And active is definitely the right verb.  She has long used her voice and music as a political tool.  Early in her career, she sang at marches and rallies in support of the civil rights movement. She was part of the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, to support school integration.  Later, she publicly opposed the Vietnam War.  She was arrested twice for civil disobedience and spent over a month in jail.

On stage, she is a passionate performer. She performed at Woodstock and toured with Bob Dylan in the 1970s.

The conversation with Baez that we have for you today takes place during a very active period in her career.  She was on tour and had just released a new album, her first studio release in 8 years.  And she was also talking about her recently released autobiography "And A Voice to Sing With."

The interviewer is Vicki Gabereau and the two have a lively conversation. Baez talks about her rocky relationship with Bob Dylan, her recent appearance on LiveAid and how Apple's Steve Jobs has just brought her something called a word processor.

The hour first aired in February 1988.