Parka Patrol

Today, a program from November 1986 called The Parka Patrol. It was hosted by one Charles Nelson Groundfrost, who said he was holed up in a winter cabin somewhere in northern Canada. Mr. Groundfrost was actually Gary Dunford, a humourist and longtime columnist with the Toronto Sun.
The show mostly consisted of music from Dunford's collection, sprinkled with commentary, contests and observations. Items such as the 10 steps to a better soup were in every show- tips like "always wear a hat when you make makes it taste better."

Parka Patrol aired for two years in the mid 80s on Saturday nights at 10 o'clock. Of the more than 70 shows that aired, we could only find four of them in the CBC Radio Archives. The one we have for you today is from November 1986- on the eve of both winter and the 50th anniversary celebrations of the CBC.