The Modern Woman


CBC Record LibraryOn this edition of Rewind, an hour from the documentary series Project '62. The Project series was developed by the almost legendary producer Harry Boyle- a man who started his career at the CBC as a farm commentator, and ended up creating several high profile shows. He also served on the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (the CRTC) as vice chair and chair, and wrote radio plays, a stage play, three books of essays, and several novels and was a faculty member at the Banff School of Fine Arts.

Boyle said he designed the Project series of documentaries for individual listeners. He had noticed that in the past people gathered together to listen to the radio, but that now it was television that they gathered round while they listened to radio on their own.

The program looked at the pressing social issues of the day- and in this case it was "The Modern Woman." Well, modern circa 1962. In some ways you'll find the program has resonance for our ears- as it grapples with issues of daycare, working women and time constraints. And yet in others- it sounds like the era in which it was made- a Mad Men world. From November 1962, the Modern Woman.

(CBC Record Library Photo courtesy of CBC Still Photo Collection)  

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