Lister Sinclair's New Year's Resolutions


New Year's music and resolutions from Lister Sinclair. Whether it's dieting and exercise, stopping smoking and drinking or loftier ideals like being a better person all round- chances are someone has resolved to do them. 

This program first aired on Ideas in 1987.

new years Lister Sinclair 1960 sized.jpgWith the new year still so very new, we go back to 1987 and Lister Sinclair's Ideas.

Lister worked at CBC for more than sixty years and was one of Canada's best known and best loved broadcasters. But he was more than that. He was a mathematician, a playwright, an actor, director, producer, critic, birder and music expert.

PHOTO: Lister Sinclair 1960 (CBC Still Photo Collection/Herb Nott)

Lister started at the CBC in 1942 as an actor and then went on to write more than 400 radio plays.  He was also hosted many radio and television programs.

At an age when many people think of retiring, his early 60s, he started hosting CBC Radio's Ideas. He was known for his wit and knowledge, his sense of play and his ability to connect with the listener.

You'll hear all of that in this hour. It was New Year's Day 1987, and Lister mused about New Year's Resolutions through music and story. He called it Repentance, Resolutions and Revivals. 

One note: there are some strange digital noises at the beginning of the hour- but they don't last long.