Space Part Two- Astronauts

Astronaut Marc Garneau on a weightless flight (photo credit: NASA)

Astronaut Marc Garneau on a weightless flight (photo credit: NASA)


Canadian astronauts come to earth- Marc Garneau, Robert Bondar, Steve MacLean and Chris Hadfield, who returns to earth this month after five months on the international space station.

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Last time on Rewind  Bob McDonald of Quirks and Quarks was here with predictions from the past on what we might be doing in space these days. This week, we hear from space travellers themselves- astronauts Marc Garneau, Roberta Bondar, Steve MacLean and of course Chris Hadfield, who returns to earth this month after five months on the international space station.

You can see some of Chris Hadfield's spectacular pictures of Earth as seen from the International Space Station here on his twitter account:

And here's a link to Chris and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies performing the song they wrote together- ISS, Is Somebody Singing?

Canadians have been in space for more than 25 years, and we're kind of used to it by now. But when it was announced in 1983 that one of our own might go into orbit, the whole country got excited. Our first clip is from late 1983 when Peter Gzowski talked to two of the candidates who had made it to the short list.

Daniel Guitton was one of the two people vying to become the first Canadian in space. Dr. Guitton didn't make it to space, but Roberta Bondar did some nine years later in 1992. Marc Garneau was the candidate chosen. But a week before he took flight, some worried how a Canadian would be received on an American mission. This clip is from September 1984.

Garneau's first flight in space was a week later.
One of the important attributes, it seems, is that the astronauts be great communicators and goodwill ambassadors. They have to be able to talk about the work they do as well as share the excitement of being in space. Here's what Chris Hadfield said from on board the space shuttle Atlantis in 1995 when he was asked about the highlights of what he'd seen from space.

Shortly after Chris Hadfield came back to earth in 1995, the program Morningside asked four astronauts to talk about what it was like to be in space. Hadfield was fresh from the success of his mission that installed a docking tunnel for the space station Mir. He was joined by Steve McLean, Marc Garneau and Roberta Bondar. They were all with Peter Gzowski in 1995.

Chris also performed his song Big Smoke on the program Morningside in 1995.

Do you follow Chris Hadfield's space experiences on Twitter? If you do, you're in good company- he has more than 700,000 followers. He also makes regular appearances in the media and shares his spectacular photographs. Hadfield took amazing pictures in space during his first mission in 1995, and then again in 2001. The next clip features him with Shelagh Rogers on the program Sounds Like Canada in 2005.

Hadfield has been in space now since December 2012, and since March has commanded the International Space Station. As well as doing the odd bit of work, he enthralls the world with his regular tweets, his chat with William Shatner, his photographs and his music.

In a couple of minutes you'll hear him performing an original song with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, but just before we get to that, let's have a reminder of the excitement felt in July 1969 when the first man walked on the moon. And thank goodness that little girl was wrong about girls dreaming of becoming astronauts. 

To end the show, Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson with ISS, Is Somebody Singing?, a song the two co-wrote.